The Alsace region of France is located in the Grand Est region in Northeastern France. Throughout history, parts of the Alsace have belonged to both France and Germany. This gives the region the best of both worlds with strong French and German influences when it comes to traditions, foods and wine .

The Alsace region is a great place to visit because there is something to do and see for everyone. Here are some of the best reasons to travel to this region:

The Wine Tasting Many people know the Alsace region for its wine. The Alsatian wine area is located in the north-east of France and includes parts of Germany. The climate is cool in the summer and cold in the winter, creating perfect conditions for grape growing. The region is known for being one of the top wine-producing areas in France. There are hundreds of wine producing châteaus in the area, many of them open to the public for tours. Don’t miss out on a chance to see how the wine is made and taste all kinds of wonderful wines.

Strasbourg is the capital of Alsace and is one of France s most historic cities. The city is home to the European Parliament, so it is a very international city. The city itself has a beautiful old town with many shops and restaurants. There are also a number of museums, including the Strasbourg Museum of Modern Art, which has a collection of more than 4,000 pieces. Another interesting thing to do in Strasbourg is visit the Cathedral of Notre-Dame. The cathedral is the largest Gothic church in all of France and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are many stained glass windows, paintings, and an astronomical clock inside.

The Alsace is known for its Christmas market, with people flocking from all over Europe every year the experience the traditional German Christmas market. In Strasbourg, there are over 150 stalls and shops on the streets of the city center, serving up a variety of sweets, drinks, and decorations. The Strasbourg Christmas market is one of the oldest in France, having been first established in 1443. The Colmar Christmas market runs for over a month where people enjoy food and Gluewine.

The Strasbourg Cathedral is a World Heritage Site and an impressive structure. There are many old chateau’s and castles in the Alsace, some of the most popular include the Chateau du Haut-Koenigsbourg, the Chateau de Beffroi, Chateau Hohlandsbourg and the Chateau de Leykaul. These amazing building help give a glimpse of what live was like in the Alsace in the middle ages. Today most of the historic sites

There are many museums in the Alsace, Strasbourg and Colmar being the most popular. Both Strasbourg and Colmar have a number of museums dedicated to specific subjects such as history, art, science, and war. In Mullhouse there is one of the most famous car museums in the world , the Cité de l’Automobile.

The beautiful Vosges mountains of the Alsace lend themselves to croiss country skiing and snow walking in the Winter months. The Bruche Valley high in the Vosges Mountains is popular for families having fun on toboggans in the snow . In the Summer months, many families enjoy picnics in the mountains in between hiking and mountain biking.The Alsatian villages are also beautiful places to visit in the summer. There is a lot of history and passion in these villages with ancient churches, monasteries and chateaus.

The Alsace has a temperate climate. Summer temperatures vary from 23C to 35C, with the colder and wetter weather in June and July. Alsace is a very beautiful region of France that has a lot to see and do.